Warm Apple Cinnamon Cheese Scones


It has been a gloomy week with cloudy sky and unpredictable weather. It is not a fun week either, as I suddenly fell sick (cold, sore throat and mouth ulcers) that forces me to eat non-solid food and drink plenty of tea/water. As a result, I lost my appetite. I was surprised to see myself without my usual daily indulgence. When I baked crunchy and melt in your mouth cookies that I love (I don’t like big thick chewy American cookies), I only took a bite and closed the jar. I did not know that I can actually live without thinking much about going to the kitchen and opening the cookie jar. Somewhere in my heart, I was proud of myself that I can control myself, even though I believe this is because of losing appetite and having sore throat and mouth ulcers ^^; (I cannot taste the cookie at all :/)Well, my health is getting better, hopefully by next weekend, but I know that regardless of whether I am sick or not, my mind is always thinking what to bake next.

For Avid Baker’s Challenge this month, I was thinking about incorporating some leftover ingredients in my fridge such as apples, applesauce and cheese. Luckily King Arthur Flour has this recipe, so I decided to adapt the recipe to make my Apple Cinnamon Cheese Scones. Continue reading

Flirting With Beetroots


I’ve been a fan of beetroot since I purchased this sweet, pink root vegetable this year. Putting it in chocolate cake, roasting and steaming it as part of my salad, I was amazed once again by the sweetness and the colour yielded by this vegetable in hummus dip that I had when dining out in Chadstone SC. When Bobo and I went to the same place, we chose beetroot hummus dip again along with avocado hummus dip, three types of salad and lamb-chicken kebab (which is delicious!). I can say that beetroot hummus dip is still my favourite dip. Having two medium-size beetroot left in the fridge, I know what I am going to make my version of the dip this weekend. Yes, this smexy hot dip, but with more vibrant colour and refreshing flavour. Continue reading

The Best Of Both Worlds Brownies


It was only this morning that I asked Bobo what he would like me to bake for his daily snacks and the word “brownie” popped out from our conversation. The feeling of having warm, soft chocolate slices on a cold day made me willingly take the brownie challenge again after my failed experiment last time (I started to understand some of my mistakes – thanks to Shirley’s Bakewise). I asked Bobo whether he is fudgy or cakey type and whether he wants crust or no crust brownies. He pretty much left this to my preference, so I picked up my favourite cookie bible and found a few brownie recipes. As we are indecisive (or perhaps greedy? :P), we decided to make brownie from this recipe called “On The Fence Brownies”, a recipe that promises the best of both worlds: fudgy and cakey. Continue reading

Simple Kale Salad with Toasted Coconut and Sesame Oil


I encountered this great combo when I decided to adopt seasonal food lifestyle. After successfully eating and enjoying some vegetables that I used not to like in the past such as bell peppers, zucchini and eggplants (I still need time to like lady fingers/okra, radish and bitter gourd though), I become more inclined in exploring ingredients that I’d never thought¬† of buying such as beetroot, brussels sprouts and the featured superstar in this post, kale (I proudly say that I am a big fan of them ^__^). Continue reading

My New Favourite Condiment!


I am pretty adventurous about food. I am curious about different cuisines and eager to try whenever I can. Bobo knows me well. I usually like to set up a weekly theme to decide what cuisine to “conquer” every week. One time I go for French cuisine, another time it will be Korean, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese or Indian. It’s really fun and exciting to experience new flavour. This time, it’s a bit unexpected for both of us. We, somehow, go for Mediterranean. Mediterranean style always amuses me because of its simplicity and healthy diet style. As Bobo has been into smoked salmon lately and we bought a big jar of green olives and a tube of Greek feta cheese, it’s confirmed that this time, it is not just me who is enthusiastic in this adventure, but Bobo is too (Yes, he likes this condiment too!) Continue reading

Make Your Own: Tahini + Recipe: Best Tahini Sauce (Dipping or Dressing)


When I made a small batch of toasted sesame seeds for topping, I was left with a cup of toasted seeds. I was debating what I should do with it. After staring at an empty jar of homemade peanut butter that I made last November and think that I don’t need to wash the jar if I store something in it, I decided to make tahini. My first experience with tahini was last year, when I started to have interest in healthy life. I really like its robust flavour which is slightly bitter compared to peanut butter. My favourite dipping sauce is adapted from Teresa Cutter’s cookbook¬† and uses only tahini, Kikkoman’s soy sauce, honey and water. You definitely should try it. It’s very addictive sauce which is great for anything (scroll down for the recipe!). Continue reading

Have A Cheesy Night!


Although I love pie and tart, I don’t think I am a pastry person. I have only ever baked tart and pie for three times so far. It’s maybe because I like to satisfy my sweet tooth more than my savoury taste bud. However, recently I miss enjoying savoury snacks. This tart is very fattening rich due to its large amount of butter and cheese. I did not tweak the recipe much because I want to know how sinful *cough cough*, I mean delicious, this tart is. Of course, this tart is dedicated to Bobo, who loves meat pie and quiche and will finish most of the tart *evil grin*. Continue reading


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